Friday, January 25, 2019

Stay Secure on Facebook

Facebook වලදී පරිස්සම් වෙමු - Stay secure on Facebook | ITN DIGITAL with TechCert

By : Mr. Yenuka Shachintha - Information Security Engineer 

Many people using  Facebook represented their personal, social and professional images online to a variety of friends, family, and even colleagues. Keeping up a high level of security on such an open platform must be paramount for every user.

Mr. Yenuka Shachintha mentioned as at December 2018 approximately  6 million people are using Facebook in Sri Lanka and day by day complaints and problems are arising. Therefore he talked about  that  how to use the extra security features provided by Facebook. 

He also spoke about two factor authentication which allows you to protect the Facebook account from hackers.

He also explained how to use help Centre  options and how to keep your account safe by way using secure browsing. Since 2011, Facebook has allowed its users to browse its social network via a HTTP secure connection. Put simply, a HTTP secure connection is achieved whenever the URL begins with https:// instead of http://.

  • Only add real friends
  • Customize your Facebook Privacy Settings
  • Don’t overuse passwords
  • Log out after you use Facebook
  • Confirm your mobile number
  • Don’t click “Keep Me Logged In”
  • Use trusted contacts
  • Avoid spam links
  • Use a strong password
  • Block malicious people, apps, and events

Sunday, January 20, 2019

Bestweb 2019 - Category Update

BestWeb 2019 - Categories are updated for the upcoming competition!!

Applications will be called from the 22nd of April 2019 

1.Best Advertising & Marketing Website

Web sites that advertise products and services either for third parties or its own products without e-commerce features. Sales, classified advertising and deal coupons information. Web designing and digital marketing companies included.

2.Best SME Website
Commercial organisations (Ltd cos, partnerships or sole propriotorships) with annual turnover less than Rs. 100M

3.Best Corporate Website
Large organizations/companies/ corporations with annual turnover of at least Rs.100M.

4.Best University and Education Institute Website
Organizations providing Higher Education, Universities, Schools, Institutes, Affiliated Universities, Student recruitment, etc., (private and government)

5.Best e-Commerce Website
Web sites providing e-commerce facilities to make online transactions/ payments. 
(These websites should enable SSL certificates)

6.Best Banking and Finance Website
Banks and Financial Institutes (government or private)

7.Best Government Website
Corporations, ministries, authorities and other bodies which come under parliamentary supervision. (Budgets and final acounts are reported to the parliament).

8.Best Media, Sports & Entertainment Website
Websites of TV, Radio, newspapers, news sites, sports, games, reality shows, events, parties, music, video, etc.

9.Best Nonprofit Website
Organizations that provide information or services to the general public without a commercial objective.

10.Best Travel & Tourism Website
Websites providing services for tourists and local travelers, Hotels, tour companies, booking serives, travel agents, etc.

11.Best Health & Wellness
Hospitals (Human & Animals), wellness and fitness products and services, spas, medical equipment, pharmacies etc.
should have any needed licences.

12. Best personal website
Websites focused on an individual such as politicians artistes, authors, professionals, etc.

Special Categories:

Category Winners
The most outstanding websites against each category will be selected based on the selection criteria.
Overall Winners
Overall winners will be chosen from the winners of all  12 categories.
Special Awards - 1
All 12 categories of applicants are eligible to apply for the following Special Awards, if the websites  are  maintained in all 3 languages. (Please indicate in the initial application by way ticking the "Special Category Optional")

·         Best Sinhala Website

·         Best Tamil Website
·         Best mobile-optimized website

Special Awards - 2
All shortlisted sites  are eligible for following special award.
·         Most Popular Website

Provided that minimum criteria are satisfied.

Special Awards – 3
·         Best Web Developer
Selected based on the awards won by sites created by that developer.

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