Wednesday, June 19, 2019

The National e-learning portal -e-Thaksalawa

ඉගෙනුම් කළමනාකරණ පද්ධති - ITN Digital with 

e තක්සලාව 

- Part 01
e-Thaksalawa. - The National e-learning portal for the General Education

 Part 02

ඉගෙනුම් කළමනාකරණ පද්ධති - ITN Digital with e තක්සලාව -

The consist of resources developed aligned to grade 1 to 13 curriculum such  as creative lessons all learning resources including past papers, term papers, questions, syllabus,text books,  Teacher instructional manuals.This is a continuous development process with an intention of handing over the international standard learning management system to the nation.

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