Monday, March 21, 2022

Free Webinar for "How to create a winning website"

Competition stage's, 

How it work's on 2022 competition,

1. Registration period - .lk / / other .lk domains (ac. lk/ domain holders can register during the registration period of the Competition by visiting BestWeb. applicants should agree with the following, if not your application will not be processed. 

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2. Judging - Judging will be done as per the following criteria, and a panel of selected ICT Industry experts, including academics, professionals, and business leaders will judge applications.

3. Voting - The final phase of the competition will be voting and final Judging. The general public can cast their votes through the website.

"How to create a winning website" 

To register, click below Link

Application open on 20th April 2022.


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