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Prof. Gihan Dias -Domain Registrar & CEO of LK Domain Registry

Q: How did LK Domain Registry establish itself to become the country’s sole administrator for web addresses ending in ‘lk’ and providing a professional domain registration service?

A: The LK Domain Registry originated at the University of Moratuwa in 1990, and became a not-for-profit institution in 2004.

Initially, we had only a handful of domain registrations, but when the number of registrations increased, we set up both an online registration system, and policies and procedures for domain registration. 

Recently, we increased our focus on customer centricity and are improving both the ease-of-use and responsiveness of our systems. We have also introduced new products such as bulk domain names and premium domain names, and also introduced EliteClub, where customers can experience a personalised service.

Our governance structure, inclusive of representatives from the government, private sector and Internet users, underscores our commitment to transparency and good governance. Throughout the years, the registry actively contributed to Sri Lanka’s internet development and social empowerment, with the aim of creating a technology-savvy society. 

Our dedication to professional domain registration services, internet development, and the promotion of responsible digital citizenship through initiatives like ‘Hithawathi’ and BestWeb.LK remains unwavering. We have continuously adapted to industry trends and enhanced internet usage for the citizens’ benefit.

Q: What value do BestWeb.LK awards add to companies operating in today’s business landscape? 

A: In the contemporary business landscape, the BestWeb.LK awards hold significant value for companies striving to navigate the challenges of the digital era. In an environment where an impactful online presence is crucial, winning or even participating in this competition provides a tangible endorsement of a company’s commitment to an effective website. 

In the face of prevailing economic uncertainties and the dynamic nature of competition, the recognition bestowed by BestWeb.LK serves as a valuable trust marker, instilling confidence in clients and stakeholders. It distinguishes a business from others in the congested digital space and showcases its expertise in technology. 

As businesses constantly evolve to meet the demands of the digital age, the BestWeb.LK awards offer a coveted opportunity to showcase innovation, gain industry recognition, and reinforce credibility in an ever-competitive online landscape.

Q: How do you assess the quality, criteria, selection and other aspects of local awards and recognition schemes?

A: All submitted sites are initially evaluated by an automated process which checks the technical, content and security aspects of each site. Sites which complete the automated assessment are then evaluated by our expert panel of judges. 

This ensures impartial assessment based on clear criteria spanning technical, design, content, interaction, and multilingual considerations. Specific standards for technical aspects and design contribute to professionalism, while content criteria cover quantity, quality, and multimedia richness. 

The inclusion of mobile optimisation and bonus points for innovation demonstrates a forward-thinking approach. Conversely, penalties for copyright infringement, etc. uphold ethical standards. 

This meticulous and holistic assessment not only sets a benchmark for the awards but also drives continuous improvement in Sri Lanka’s web design landscape. 

BestWeb.LK distinguishes itself by encouraging competition and raising the bar for digital standards.

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Interviewee details

Name : Prof. Gihan Dias

Designation: Domain Registrar & CEO of LK Domain Registry