Tuesday, May 21, 2019

What IT Industry expects from fresh IT Professionals

By: Iroshan Sanjeewa
Manager Software Development
LK Domain Registry


What IT industry expects from freshers - ITN Digital with Domains.lk

Hi Everyone,
Probably you are aware that there are several thousands of IT students passing out from few dozens of state and private institutions every year in our country.
But when software companies try to fill their vacancies they face some degree of difficulty in choosing the best talent.
Sometimes companies have to interview large number of prospective candidates to fill just one vacancy. This is due to several expectation gaps in fresh IT professionals.

We know you all are brilliant students. But it is not just technical knowledge you should posses, we expect that you to be both effective and efficient as new comers to IT industry. 

Efficient means that you do the things right. We see this from many students where they are very good in completing things on time. 
On the other hand being effective is doing the right things which is far more important and also difficult task than being efficient.

When doing right things you have be proactive – which means you are ready before something happens, you have to think out of the box, analyze alternatives, identify priorities and find the best solution which requires you to put more effort and time. When we're truly effective at work, we manage our time well, we communicate clearly, and we have a good attitude. 

Effective workers are often the most respected and the most productive in their workplaces so it is vital for both individual and company’s growth.

Sometimes people tend to think that they have not been given the opportunity. Don't worry, there are ample of opportunities in this world. You should be capable of findings ways to get new opportunities created by exploring the internal company environments. There is a lot more happening in the world than you see so open your eyes and don't be afraid to ask if you are in doubt.  Always try to be truthful and it is not a shame to ask since we all are not perfect on all aspects and in the meantime try to build your self-confidence.

As fresh IT professionals you should be able to effectively collaborate with team members, learn new concepts quickly, come up with creative ideas, think how we can do things differently to get things done a better way by improving the overall productivity or enhancing the processes and share them with your leadership openly. This will definitely makes you exceed IT industry expectations and build a successful career.