Friday, March 1, 2019

Cloud Meet up October 2018

Private Cloud Discussion - Kubernetes on Your Local Machine

Hosted by Chamara Dissanayake - LK Domain Registry
From Colombo Private Cloud Technical Meetup

The second discussion organized by the Private Cloud Meet-up Group is dedicated to Kubernetes. Mainly we will be discussing on how Kubernetes can be used by the systems and software engineers locally in their day today activities;


- Introduction to K8s
- Advantages of using K8s locally
- How to run K8s on your local machine using Minikube
- How to run Tomcat web application on K8s
- Rolling out a change to your application with zero downtime

The demo is attached on following git url. If you have a time try it in your PC. Please bring your laptop to the meetup, so you can try to setup yourself at the premises and resolve any questions arises.