Friday, August 23, 2019

How to design a secure website

“How to design a secure website workshop was sucessfully delivered to the participants at CIMA Auditorium, on the 19th August 2019 on an Event organized by FITIS .

In this event, Speakers volunteered from LK Domain Registry and TechCERT

TechCERT is an affiliated company of LK Domain Registry, which provides managed information security services.

Prof. Gihan Dias - CEO - LK Domain Registry , Chairman of TechCert was present at the begining of workshop and  Mr. Aruna Alwis CEO of FITIS delivered the opening Speech at the workshop.

Mr. Aruna Alwis -  CEO, FITIS
Delivering the opening speech.

     Registration Desk -"How to design a secure website"

  Participants - How to design a secure website

Session 1:Introduction to website and web server security

Chamara Dissanayake
Head of IT- LK Domain Registry

Session 2: Best Practices for designing and managing a website with improved security

Kasun Chathuranga

Lead Security Engineer - TechCERT

Session 3: Demonstration of modern website attacks

Sampath Hennayake 
Asst. Manager IT - LK Domain Registry

Session 4: Post actions and procedures to mitigate the impact of the attack

Chathuranga Gunatillake 
Information Security Engineer- TechCERT


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  1. Can you share the presentation slides via email.


Sinhala version "How to Secure Joomla website"

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