Monday, May 8, 2023

How to apply for BestWeb.LK.Competition  (.lk ) applicants - Visit Home Page and click  "Apply Now" on the 19th April 2023 and follow the instructions  


1). Registrant, Billing, Admin or Technical contacts of LK Domain Registry  are eligible to apply for the competition through their registered email adresse's.

2). When you log in to the account yours following screens will appear please select competition.

3). Next Screen to apply for .lk competition. Please select your .lk domain to apply (if you are not a gov. lk)

4). The next screen will show a list of domains registered with your email and select your domain name to submit the application by way of filling in all the information required. 

It permits only one submission at a time.

5). You can apply many domains of yours but each domain is a separate application. (You are eligible to apply one category per domain only)

6). You may apply for CSR Projects in 2023 competition if you have a separate domain name only.

7). fill the form and submit the application to the 2023 competition.

  • If you are a non-registrant of the account, please upload an authorized document to the application.
  • You can send applications only online through only.
  •  Your application will be acknowledged.
  • You should upload the (Registrant) consent to the application is mandatory if you are not the registrant of the account.
  • Please print and obtain the registrant's signature fix the company zeal on the printed email where you have attested and upload it to the application sent for the competition.
  • In case you find it difficult to upload to the system, kindly submit via an email to 
  • Please always indicate your domain name on the subject bar of your email correspondence related to the 2023 competition.  
  • If you have any further questions, kindly call 0114462865 or send an email to 

    Kindly read the following important updates before submitting your application for the 2022 competition.

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