Wednesday, April 21, 2021

How to apply .lk applicants for 2021

  What is 

How to apply .lk applicants for 2021

To Register for competition, please use REGISTRANT, Billing, Admin or Technical contact email ID's only)

LK Domain Registry conducts competition annually since2009 and this is the eleventh time it is been conducted. Today, an organisaton needs an attractive and effective website as its front door. is a web-based competition providing an exclusive opportunity to promote and popularise Sri Lankan websites and showcase Sri Lankan abilities online.

How to apply for competition

1).  Click the apply button on the home  page which will direct you to LK Domain Registry application process page 

2). Enter your email ID and Password registered with (i,e, REGISTRANT, Billing, Admin or Technical contact emal ID) and kindly proceed, 
next screen which will spear is given below : 

click Non-government  button which will give show your domains that are registered with LK Domain Registry . 

You may select the domain and click "Request" button to proceed to fill the application .

4). Kindly fill the  application next screen which appears.

Your submission is to completed application like in the  following screen. 

Application that are submitted for 2021 will receive  a copy of the application sent for the competition to your email sued to submit the application. (And all contacts registered with LK Domin Registry)

After submitting the application for the competition you need to to click the link given in the application to accept or reject the  application. (if you are the registrant)
In the event if you are not the "REGISTRANT" account holder at domain registration system  and if your  name & email ID give as a Technical, Admin or Billing Contact, you may ask the registrant yo validate the application by way clicking the link to accept or reject the terms and conditions for competition.


 in the event if the registrant couldn't access the email registered, you  may print the application submitted, which copied to your email that submitted the application for competition.

Print the email, and get the approval  in a letter head OR signature with company Seal and then upload to application by way logging to the account again.

Application ends in the above screen and 
if you have any question kindly call 0114462865

Please save scan documents from your website name before uploading. all emails correspondence kindly use your website name in the subject bar so that it is convenient to trace all your communications.