Monday, January 16, 2023

Python programming- Badulla.


The  practical training of Python programming language was held for 04 days from 03/01/2023 at the technical laboratory of Saraswathy Central College Badulla. A total of 48 students participated in this program, 09 Students from Tamil Girls College , 18 Students from Saraswathy Central College,10 students From Udawela Maha Vidyalaya and 11 Students from AL-Adan Badulla. 

Also, on the first day of this program, the Principal of Saraswathy Central College, participated and explained value of this program to students. On those 4 days, Mrs.V.Vahini, the IT teachers of Badulla AL-Adab College, Mrs. M.Shamila the IT teacher of Tamil Girls Collage, Mrs. S.Mirunda IT teacher of Saraswathy Central College, Mrs. D.M.A.U. Dissanayake teacher of Udawela maha Vidyalaya and the Principal continuously supervised the program.

LK Domain Registry sponsored the above training program through Mac Institute in the pursuance of developing IT skills of students Island wide.

Training Program Sponsored by :

LK Domain Registry
Address: 106 Dutugemunu St, Dehiwala 10350
Phone: 0114 216 061

Thursday, January 12, 2023 competition - Launched in January 2023

What is TOPWEB.LK?

TopWeb.LK is a monthly competition to select top ".lk" websites. Our long-term goal is to improve the quality of all .lk websites to meet a minimum standard. 

TopWeb.LK is the latest addition  to the list of competitions conducted by LK Domain Registry. The competition is designed to be held monthly in the off-peak season of BestWeb.LK starting from January 2023.  TopWeb.LK is a branch of BestWeb.LK, the prestigious web-based competition. Our aim is to recognize the effort taken by organizations and applaud the team behind them at shorter intervals.

Why Take Part in TOPWEB.LK?

  • An opportunity to get your website evaluated on standards, vulnerabilities, etc, and to be assured that the site is meeting minimum standards.
  • Winners will receive an e-badge and certificate that can be displayed on their marketing material and website.
  • Promotional opportunities for the Business.
  • Recognize the team behind the hard work.
  • Winners websites will be featured on the TopWeb.LK website, with a link to your website.
  • Applicants will be eligible for a free security scan with the consent of the client and will receive advise on how to fix errors and avoid possibility of getting hacked.

Who can Apply for TOPWEB.LK?

  • The TopWeb.LK Competition is open to all websites registered under .lk domains. Please refer to the Terms and Conditions to check if your website comply with the eligibility criteria. 

Who can’t Apply for TOPWEB.LK?

  • Previous years’ BestWeb.LK winners: Gold, Silver, Bronze, and Overall category winners are not eligible to apply.
  • Previous winners of the competition - The next entries will be taken after 12 months of winning.

How to Apply?

Registrations to be completed via TopWeb.LK. We require a consent letter from the domain registrant individual or company when applying as an agreement to participate in the competition. The management of LK Domain Registry reserves the right to request additional information if required and if the information is not sent on the given time period, the entries will not be evaluated.

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Evaluation Criteria

Terms and Conditions

If you have any further questions related to TopWeb.LK Competition application submission kindly contact us at  0114462863 or write to us at 

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