Monday, May 27, 2024

Partnership with Industrial Development Board - 21-05-2024

The key objectives and understandings of the agreement are to stimulate economic growth in Sri Lanka by supporting small and medium entrepreneurs, provide necessary technological training for digitalization, strengthen technology transfer and skills development, address the issue of low technology usage in the industrial sector, collaborate with relevant institutions, and support the Federation of IT Industry Sri Lanka and IDB in enabling digital platforms.

The IDB's role is to recommend and introduce entrepreneurs for training programs, monitor training programs, display collaboration information on its website, and recognize LK Domain as a partner.

The responsibilities of the Registry include conducting training programs for entrepreneurs, assisting in the digital transformation of enterprises, sharing data on digital platforms with IDB, supporting recommended entrepreneurs in technology advancement, and submitting reports to IDB as requested.

Thursday, May 16, 2024

BestWeb.LK 2024 Unveils New and Exciting Opportunities!

In a recent interview on the Independent Television Network (ITN Sri Lanka)'s morning show "Pini Viyana," Mr. Indika Gunathilaka, Lead Manager - Administration of LK Domain Registry, unveiled the new opportunities of BestWeb.LK 2024. He explained the competition's significance and the exciting developments for this year's edition.

To learn more details about BestWeb.LK 2024, you can view the interview here


What's New with BestWeb.LK 2024?

116 Awards Across 22 Categories: Web designers can compete in a wider range of categories, increasing their chances of winning recognition for their exceptional work. 

If you're a web design professional in Sri Lanka, BestWeb.LK 2024 is the perfect platform to showcase your skills and gain recognition for your outstanding work. With a wider range of categories and the backing of a prestigious media partner, this year's competition presents a fantastic opportunity to elevate your profile and connect with a wider audience.

ITN joins BestWeb.LK 2024 as the Electronic Media & Youtube Partner. This collaboration will likely bring wider publicity to the competition and the participating web designers.

Head over to the BestWeb.LK website ( to learn more about the competition details, categories, and the application process. Don't miss out on this exciting chance to be recognized among Sri Lanka's leading web design talents!

If you have any questions or require further details, you can contact the BestWeb.LK team:

  • Phone: 011 446 2865
  • Email: