Wednesday, November 8, 2023


The Federation of Information Technology Industry Sri Lanka (FITIS) has taken the initiative to launch INFOTEL2023, the National ICT Exhibition, to support Sri Lanka's digitalization efforts and empower its economy. The exhibition was held from 3rd to 5th November 2023 at BMICH, Colombo Sri Lanka.

Technology exhibitions like INFOTEL provide a platform for organizations to showcase their latest products, services, and innovations. It's an opportunity for attendees to learn about new technologies, network with industry professionals, and explore opportunities for collaboration and business growth.

LK Domain Registry's participation as a Corporate Partner at the INFOTEL exhibition shows commitment to supporting digital projects in Sri Lanka. By raising awareness about .lk domain registration facilities and offers, LK Domain Registry helping businesses and individuals establish their online presence. The introduction of new products to facilitate Digigo projects is an exciting development, as it will further empower digital initiatives in the country. INFOTEL 2023 seems like an excellent platform for the LK Domain Registry to showcase its contributions. 

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The Hithawathi project's active involvement in raising awareness of digital safety in cyberspace during the INFOTEL exhibition is commendable. With the increasing reliance on digital platforms, it is crucial to educate and empower individuals about staying safe online. By bringing attention to these important issues, the Hithawathi project is playing a vital role in promoting digital safety and empowering people in Sri Lanka, 

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Sunday, October 29, 2023

Agents’ Convention – 2023

Agents’ Convention – 2023 of LK Domain Registry   unfolded as a successful event at Waters Edge Hotel on 23rd of October 2023. This event flawlessly achieved its purpose of recognizing and celebrating the exceptional performances of Agents in the year 2022.

The convention was not merely a ceremony of recognition; it was enriched with awareness sessions such as new updates in LK Domain Registry and the future plans which will be implemented. One notable highlight was a comprehensive awareness session conducted by Lankahost Web Solutions (Pvt) Ltd about their journey with LK Domain Registry and how they promote .lk domains.

At LK Domain Registry, our commitment extends beyond the acknowledgment; it's about sincerely appreciating the agents who consistently committed to perform and contribute to increase the number of .lk domains and we have recognized the Agents who perform extraordinary in the year of 2022 and awarded them the Best Performing Agent and the Runner-Up awards in the event. Apart from that, we recognized the "The Rising Agent of The Year” in order to appreciate the progression of the specific Agent.

Best Performing Agent - Winner- 
Lankahost Web Solutions (Pvt.,) Ltd

Best Performing Agent

Rising Agent of the year (Pvt.,) Ltd.

 As mentioned, the convention is not just a ceremony we appreciate Agents, it has provided a platform for our Agents to actively engage in discussions. This interactive session allowed Agents to express their specific requirements and make valuable suggestions for the continuous improvement of our services. 

In conclusion, the LK Domain Registry's Agent Convention 2023 was a remarkable gathering. As we look back at this event, we are not just reflecting on achievements but laying the foundation for a future of collective success and continuous improvement.