Thursday, December 3, 2020

IT Support Through Suhurura Program

 LK Domain Registry sponsored Nannasala Teldeniya to conduct the 6th batch of Joomla Training program for 46 students in  Kandy District from 23rd to 30th November 2020.

LK Domain Registry "Suhurusara" Program support island wide IT  Training Programs.

Monday, November 30, 2020



History of the Internet and the Progress

Above website gathering the memories of those who reached milestones in the ICT Development story of Sri Lanka. The memories collected at present, span five decades commencing from the nineteen sixties when organizations such as the State Engineering Corporation, the Central Bank of Sri Lanka, Insurance Corporation, Petroleum Corporation, AMS Data Services, Walkers etc first introduced computers, long before computers became ubiquitous in Sri Lanka, up to end 2014.

ICT - HISTORY is a project of the LK Domain Registry and the site features descriptive interviews with those who struggled to ensure that each milestone required for further development was achieved. 

These are the personal reflections and memories of those whose achievements were milestones in the development of ICT in Sri Lanka.

Sunday, November 29, 2020

Web Design Using Joomla

Web Design using Joomla tutorial on website

Watch Joomla Lesson 1 - Installing XAMPP
Watch Joomla Lesson 2 - Installing & Configuring Joomla
Watch Joomla Lesson 3 - Featured Article
Watch Joomla Lesson 4 - Organizing Your Website
Watch Joomla Lesson 5 - Category
Watch Joomla Lesson 6 - Menus
Watch Joomla Lesson 7 - Exercise
Watch Joomla Lesson 8 - Formatting Text
Watch Joomla Lesson 9 - Adding image to an article
Watch Joomla Lesson 10 - Internal Links
Watch Joomla Lesson 11 - Clean Up Article View
Watch Joomla Lesson 12 - Top/Drop Down Menus
Watch Joomla Lesson 13 - Customizing Blog Layout
Watch Joomla Lesson 14 - Banner Advertisement
Watch Joomla Lesson 15 - Search Box
Watch Joomla Lesson 16 - Smart Search
Watch Joomla Lesson 17 - Module Positions

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IT Support Through Suhurura Program

  LK Domain Registry sponsored  Nannasala Teldeniya to conduct the 6th batch of  Joomla Training program for  46 students in    Kandy Distr...