Wednesday, February 22, 2023 2023 - competition Announcement

LK Domain Registry hereby proudly announce 2023 competition for the 13th time it is been conducted.
LK Domain Registry conducts competition annually since 2009 and this is the twelfth time it is being conducted. Today, an organization needs an attractive and effective website as its front door. is a web-based competition providing an exclusive opportunity to promote and popularise web presence in Sri Lanka. 2022 had 12 main categories and for same remains for 2023 where one special award category has been announced for 2023 competition. For further details, visit:

"Best Corporate Social Responsibility Website" is the new special awards category announced for the 2023 competition for a ".LK" domain holders to recognize, CSR web sites through the competition.

How CSR projects identified through - 2023 competition.

"Best Corporate Social Responsibility"
Websites that are evaluated for this special category should demonstrate excellence in terms of Corporate Social Responsibility. The site should cover one or more of Environmental, Ethical, human Rights, humanitarian or Economics aspects.
More details of the competition :
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Email Id:,  Tele No. 0114462865