Wednesday, February 22, 2023 2023 - competition Announcement


LK Domain Registry hereby proudly announces the 2023 competition for the 13th time 

The competition has certainly become a longstanding tradition in recognizing and celebrating outstanding websites in Sri Lanka. It's impressive to see how LK Domain Registry has been organizing this competition for over a decade, highlighting the importance of web presence and innovation. I'm sure the 13th edition of the competition will be even more exciting and competitive. If you have any questions or need any assistance regarding the 2023 competition. 2023 competition will have 12 main categories to showcase a wide range of website excellence. Additionally, the special award category adds an extra element of excitement and recognition. For anyone interested in participating or learning more about the competition, visiting the website at will provide all the necessary information, 2023 competition! "Best Corporate Social Responsibility Website," highlights the importance of recognizing and celebrating websites that are dedicated to making a positive impact in society. It's a great opportunity for ".LK" domain holders to showcase their CSR initiatives and inspire others to contribute towards social responsibility. I'm sure this category will encourage more organizations to prioritize and promote their CSR efforts through their websites.

"Best Corporate Social Responsibility Website" category in the 2023 competition are focused on excellence in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Websites participating in this category should showcase their commitment to various aspects of CSR, including environmental sustainability, ethical practices, human rights, humanitarian efforts, and economic impact. It's a great opportunity for organizations to highlight their CSR initiatives and demonstrate how they are making a positive difference in these areas.

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