Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Course materials- A/L Students

The Training Division of LK Domain Registry is focused on assisting in the development of ICT literacy in the Sri Lankan community. 

The Division conducts awareness and training programs island-wide in schools, universities, educational institutions, government departments, private sector organizations, etc.

Hence, "Structured Systems Analysis & Design Methodologies" self study course materials available for  A/L Students Teachers 

Course Structured Systems Analysis & Design Methodologies 

Part 1 - Introduction
Part 2 - Systems Development Models and Methods
Part 3 - SSADM & SDLC
Part 4 - Information system and its feasibility
Part 5.1 - System Analysis & Design
Part 5.2 - System Analysis & Design
Part 6 - System Development and Testing
Part 7 - System Implementation & Maintenance

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