Monday, December 12, 2022

Python-Practical Program

The fourth program of practical training of Python programming language was held for 04 days from 29/11/2022 at the the technical laboratory of Viharamahadevi Girls College Badulla. 

A total of 64 students participated in this program, 15 Students from Viharamadevi Girls College, 21 Students from Vishaka Girls College and 28 Students from Badulla Uva College (Boys). Also, on the first day of this program, Mrs. R.D.Mala Sarojani Perera, the Principal of Viharamahadevi Girls College, participated and explained value of this program to students. 

On the above  4 days, Mrs. I.A.J. Subashini & Mrs. A.L.N Gayani , the IT teachers of Badulla Uva College, Mrs. D.M. Rangika Dilrukshi the IT teacher of Viharamahadevi Girls College, Mrs.W.R.M.N. Hemathala IT teacher of Vishaka Girls College and the Principal too continuously supervised the program.

LK Domain Registry sponsored above training program through MAC Institute of Information Technology in  the pursuance of developing IT skills in Badulla Schools.

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