Thursday, August 22, 2019 Award Ceremony - 2019 2019 Award Ceremony was held on the 08th  August 2019 at Marino Beach Colombo Hotel. 

Mr. D.C. Dissanayake, Secretary, Non Cabinet Ministry of Digital Infrastructure and Information was the Chief Guest at the Awards Ceremony.

Prof. Gihan Dias CEO LK Domain Registry delivered the welcome speech and Mr. Jayantha Fernando delivered the Chairman's speech at the Award Ceramony.

Event, Co-coordinator Jacintha Gammampila, delivered the vote of thanks at the 2019 Award Ceramony.

CEO - Domain Registrar - Prof. Gihan Dias

The Chairman - Mr. Jayantha Fernando

Chief Guest - Mr. D.C. Dissanayake, Secretary, 
Non Cabinet Ministry of Digital Infrastructure and Information

 LK Domain Registry - Bestweb Team -  2019

Technical Team -  Chamara Dissanayake - Head of IT 
& |Staff at  the Awards Ceremony

Iroshan Sanjeewa- Manager  Software Developments with the staff at the Award Ceremony

Manager Opertions - Roshin Peter with Team Members at Award Ceremony

Manager Partnerships- Niroja Jayawrdena at the Award Ceremony

Head of Finance, Shenani Premasinghe 
at the award Ceremony

Head of Training - D.D. Prabath 
at the Award Ceramony 2019 - Overall winners at the Award Ceremony
and Sponsor appriciations
Express News papers and ITN Sri Lanka. 2019 Adding Gloumour to the Award Ceramony
Budhawatte Dancing Group

Dr. Victor Ratnayake 
with Most Popular Award- Best Personal Category 
Silver Award for his Personal website 
at the Award Ceramony 

TechCert Participation at the Best 2019 
Award Ceramony 

C.EO & Managers  2019 Judges 
at the 2019 competition 2019 
Compeer Dusha Wass 2019 
Event -Coordinator