Friday, January 8, 2021

Joomla Hardening 1

Joomla Hardening 1 
There will always be a risk of attack on websites, security will always remain a continuous process which requires a frequent assessment of possible attack vectors. This documentation is a completely comprehensive guide on techniques and steps that joomla users can undertake, in order to better secure their website from frequent attacks.

Methods and Techniques 
Implement strong access control measures.

1. Secure the administrator’s login with a strong password
Do not leave the administrator’s login password as the default password (‘admin’). This makes the site more vulnerable to attacks.

Change the admin password frequently. And set up a strong password which includes at least 1 uppercase character , 1 lowercase character , 1 digit , 1 special character.

The password should be at least 10 characters long, with no more than two identical characters.

Method 1: Changing the Administrator’s Password
Step 1 : Login using the administrator’s login.

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