Thursday, February 6, 2020

System Procedure - 2020

System Procedure to apply  - 2020 Competition 

3. Already Registered Applicant  & Government  (  applicants login to the account in the following screen and register for 2020.
4.  LK Domain Registered Customers please login with "Already Registered Customer" and then select your domain to register with your email. 

5. If you have more than one domain, please apply one by one separately. Developers can submit the registration form but owner's consent is mandatory. 

e-mail acknowledgement which you receive after submission of the 2020 application has to be singed and affix the rubber stamp of the owners company prior to uploading the document.

6. If you are a Government ( registered applicants, Please use the "New Customer" and  use the Register Button on the  right-hand  side of the screen. 

Create an account with LK Domain Registry to apply for the competition through the system. Please follow the screen shots given below:

7. Enter applicants e-mail address

8. Passwords should contain at least 1 digit,1 special character and alphanumeric characters. should not contain any blank spaces

8. Kindly fill the following information 

9. Next page to submit contact information of the applicant
10. Submit to complete the account set-up with Lk Domain Registry.

11. Select your account Name
12. Home key given below

13. Find the bestweb tab and Register

14. Government Departments /Institutions, ( please select the marked link to apply for the competition. 

15. ( Application form for the 2020 - competition


1. Please update all contact details with LK Domain Registry, so that you do not not miss important notices related to 2020

2.Mobile Optimized website introduced for 2020 Competition.

3. Special categories of Sinhala, Tamil and Mobile Optimized website,  pls apply at the time of submitting the application for the competition.

4. As usual a workshop will  conduct and will notify the dates through our facebook page.

5. Please follow-us on site for rules and regulations for this competition.

Thank you.