Thursday, March 2, 2023

Congratulations to all the February TopWeb.LK Winners

CONGRATULATIONS to all the February TopWeb.LK award winning websites!

Following are the Top ".lk" websites of this month

What is TopWeb.LK?

TopWeb.LK is a monthly Awards Scheme which provides an opportunity to transform your website from good to great while enabling to compete confidently in the BestWeb.LK competition.

The objective of this award is to improve the quality of all .lk websites to meet a minimum standard. It is the latest addition to the activities of by the LK Domain Registry. The awards will be held in selected months from January 2023. Click here to check the winners of January & February 2023.

Why take part in TopWeb.LK?

  • Show that your website meets the standards expected.
  • An opportunity to have your website evaluated on vulnerabilities, etc.
  • Winners will receive an e-badge and certificate to displayed on your marketing material and website.
  • Promotional opportunities for the business.
  • You will receive guidance on why your site did not get an award this month, and how you may fix the issues and re-apply for the award.

How to apply for TopWeb.LK?

Registrations to be completed via TopWeb.LK. In the instance of, or applying for the competition, we require a consent letter authorized by the Head of the Department, Institute Head, or School Principal accordingly as an agreement to participate in the competition. This is compulsory and needs to be uploaded when completing the application form.

Where to get more information on TopWeb.LK?


Call us on 0114462863 or write to us on