Monday, January 18, 2021


Identifying WordPress Vulnerabilities-WPScan-II
NOVEMBER 03, 2020

In the last blog we were discussed about Exploring WordPress Vulnerabilities using WPScan and how a scanning perform to identifying WordPress vulnerable themes,plugins,users etc.

This time we explore the risks that WPScan can identify and some of the reporting methods offered by the WPScan team.

Firstly we can focus the symbols that can display on a WPScan result.

[!] - specific component of a site is being vulnerable to exploitation

[!] - Warning

[i] - Informational

[+] - Sections

[*] - chapter xyz(No color,bold)

[?] -Question/ Interaction

As you can see red color symbol is dangerous, because it is refers to a specific component of a site being vulnerable to exploitation.

Normally WPScan shows number of identified vulnerabilities in the scan result.