Monday, May 6, 2024

Father of the Internet in Sri Lanka - Prof. Gihan Dias

The Imposter Syndrome Network Podcast's 89th episode featured a conversation with Professor Gihan Dias, widely recognized as the pioneer of the Internet in Sri Lanka. He introduced the Internet to his country during his post-graduate studies in California, where he first encountered the technology.

Prof. Gihan Dias discussed his professional journey, from establishing the first e-mail system and the Lanka Education and Research Network (LEARN) to creating the LK domain registry, and his current focus on cyber safety, e-learning, and language. He shared his problem-solving approach and innovative mindset that have guided him in his career.

Reflecting on the challenges he overcame and the opportunities he seized in bringing the Internet to Sri Lanka, Prof. Gihan Dias also highlighted the skills and technologies he acquired along the way.

Moreover, he expressed his dedication to enhancing the accessibility, security, and efficacy of the Internet for the people of Sri Lanka.

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