Sunday, April 5, 2020

Why Work from Home

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With most of the world leading a battle against the dreadful Covid-19, we are advised to play our part by staying at home, and thereby preventing the spread of the coronavirus.

One by one, countries are implementing preventive measures to secure the well-being of its citizens and control containment rates. And while the health of our loved ones and ours is the biggest concern for all of us, companies around the world are stepping up by introducing remote working. 

To move forward with day to day work activates best practice of setting up workspace from Home:
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What’s needed for Work-from-Home?
  • hardware and software for home users
Each employee should generally have a notebook or PC at home. Some may be able to work using a phone.
  • connectivity
  • cloud or in-premise systems and applications
  • voice
  • consultancy and support

TechCERT: Secure Work From Home – A guide to making sure you don’t let hackers in

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