Monday, February 13, 2023

Joomla Program - Wellawaya


Joomla Web Development Program Monaragala District - Wellawaya

3 day Joomla web development program  held at  Nenasala Buttala (Sathnena Vocational Campus (Pvt) Ltd) in the month of August 2022 for  Mo/Dutugamunu National School.

The training was concluded with the tutorial given in the first two days of this workshop and on the third day all the students applied the practical exercise again prepared website about Colombo and at the end of the third day, all the students completed the exercise and completed the assessment using the LMS provided by LK Domain Registry. 

Training Program Sponsored by :

LK Domain Registry
Address: 106 Dutugemunu St, Dehiwala 10350
Phone: 0114 216 061