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 Application submission steps to follow for gov. lk / / (NEW) applicant @ 2023

  • 1). Click on the apply button on the 19th of April 2023 which will appear on the home page to direct you to the application submission 

2). gov. lk / / applicants have to create an account in order to apply for the competition.

  • 3). Create an account providing the following details to submit a New Application to the competition by way of creating an account at domains.Lk

4). OR - If you have already registered with LK Domain Registry at a previous competition,  you may use the same registered  email ID and Password to login to your account with LK Domain Registry to apply for the competition. ( 2023)

5). Fill the following to create an account with 

6). After completing the account creation please go back to the main following screen again to submit your application.

7). Next Screen appear on the system & to follow the instructions

8). Select the blue tab given blow to proceed with the application.

9). Select request button and follow the screen 

10). Select request to select Apply button on the following screen  

(You may apply for CSR Projects by way selecting the sending the domain name if you are eligible only) 

After the submission of the application kindly print the email sent to your email, as an acknowledgment and obtain the commissioner / authorized Officer on the email printed & fix the organization/institution seal on the email thereafter kindly scan the document and upload it to the application. You may use PDF or JPGE format & upload it to the application OR email it to 

Please indicate your domain name on the subject bar when you communicate with 

If you have further questions, kindly contact: 0114462865 or send an email to
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