Friday, September 27, 2019

IT Job Market in Sri Lanka

IT Job Market in Sri Lanka - ITN Digital with LK Domain Registry

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Dr. Kithsiri Manchanayke stated, that current  job opportunities in Sri Lanka in the field of Information Technology at present approximate number of 80,000 and to increase the opportunities of IT professionals up to 250,000 workers in Sri Lanka by 2020 /23  and increase revenue up to  USD 5 billion introducing using codeless programing to the IT developers.

At present different categories of  IT professional employed in our country and using hardcoding programming concept which is difficult to customize, understand.

Will have to think new way of programming like :
·       Codeless programming
·       Artificial intelligence
·       Robotics
·       Machine learning
·       Big data

He emphasis that the new trend is Codeless programming, Artificial Intelligence
Robotics, Machine Learning, Big data analyst,  this means programming make comfortable to use with new tools like drag and drop.

codeless concept is enable to drag and drop and make effective work environment. Which can create more job opportunities.

LankaClear -Payment Network

‘To be Asia’s most trusted and reliable payment network’

LankaClear as the operator of Sri Lanka’s National Payment Network - LankaPay has been in the forefront in revolutionizing the country’s banking and financial services sector by keeping the elements ‘innovation’ and advanced ‘technology’ at its core.

CEO / General Manager explained the how the  national payment network that functions under the guidance and supervision of the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL), LankaClear is regarded one of the best Public Private Partnership (PPP) in the region.

The entity is owned by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) along with other licensed public and private Commercial Banks operating in the island nation.

The National Payment Network - Part 1 - ITN Digital with LK Domain Registry

Article publised on 31-05-2019 on  that ICTA and LankaClear Ltd. (LCPL) signed a ground-breaking agreement, which will result in greater convenience for Sri Lankan citizens to make online payments towards Government services. Under this new agreement, two existing systems would be integrated to enable citizens to make online payments utilising their current and savings (CASA) accounts. 
More info: 

  • Registered Office And Principal Place Of Business:

    Level 18, Bank of Ceylon Head Office,
  • "BOC Square",
  • No.1, Bank of Ceylon Mawatha,
  • Colombo 1, Sri Lanka.

IT Support Through Suhurura Program

  LK Domain Registry sponsored  Nannasala Teldeniya to conduct the 6th batch of  Joomla Training program for  46 students in    Kandy Distr...