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System Procedure - 2020

System Procedure to apply  - 2020 Competition 

3. Already Registered Applicant  & Government  (  applicants login to the account in the following screen and register for 2020.
4.  LK Domain Registered Customers please login with "Already Registered Customer" and then select your domain to register with your email. 

5. If you have more than one domain, please apply one by one separately. Developers can submit the registration form but owner's consent is mandatory. 

e-mail acknowledgement which you receive after submission of the 2020 application has to be singed and affix the rubber stamp of the owners company prior to uploading the document.

6. If you are a Government ( registered applicants, Please use the "New Customer" and  use the Register Button on the  right-hand  side of the screen. 

Create an account with LK Domain Registry to apply for the competition through the system. Please follow the screen shots given below:

7. Enter applicants e-mail address

8. Passwords should contain at least 1 digit,1 special character and alphanumeric characters. should not contain any blank spaces

8. Kindly fill the following information 

9. Next page to submit contact information of the applicant
10. Submit to complete the account set-up with Lk Domain Registry.

11. Select your account Name
12. Home key given below

13. Find the bestweb tab and Register

14. Government Departments /Institutions, ( please select the marked link to apply for the competition. 

15. ( Application form for the 2020 - competition


1. Please update all contact details with LK Domain Registry, so that you do not not miss important notices related to 2020

2.Mobile Optimized website introduced for 2020 Competition.

3. Special categories of Sinhala, Tamil and Mobile Optimized website,  pls apply at the time of submitting the application for the competition.

4. As usual a workshop will  conduct and will notify the dates through our facebook page.

5. Please follow-us on site for rules and regulations for this competition.

Thank you.

Monday, February 3, 2020

Session for UCSC Undergraduates

Cloud Technical Session for UCSC Undergraduates

This session is a closed session conducted for the University undergraduates of the University of Colombo, School of Computing. The main objectives of this session is to aware the young generation on cloud systems and opportunities available on cloud technology.

This session is not open for the members of the meetup group due to administration issues

Topics discussed,

  • Introduction to Cloud and Why we use OpenStack as our cloud environment. By Chamara Disanayake - LK Domain Registry
  • Cloud in a small box  (Demonstration / Explanation on how All in One Cloud environment can be installed/ How VMs can be created etc)- By Sampath Hennayake, Isuru Nissanka, Chathranga Wijekoon - LK Domain Registry
  • How OpenStack is used in the Industry and how it can be used for university projects - Mr Yasith Nakandala - WSO2
  • Conduct a quiz on cloud concepts by Mr. Chinthaka Deshapriya - Cybergate services

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Friday, January 31, 2020 2020


Introduction of
Lk Domain Registry conducts competition annually since 2009 and this is the 10th Time of the year.   Today, an organisaton needs an attractive and effective website as it’s front door. is a web-based competition providing an exclusive opportunity to promote web presence  popularise Sri Lankan .

We encourage having a website and online presence strategy allows to market applicants  business online and  A make key points to improvements of websites because it helps them establish credibility as a business. We .lk wishes to contribute IT related support for Sri Lankan  economic growth for better future.

Why take part in competition: 
  • Provide a platform to improve the quality of online advertising, internet marketing, and website promotion.
  • Impress your client, impress companies, justify interactive budget, create an internet marketing opportunity, and receive valuable feedback regarding the status of your own website development efforts.
  • Applicants need to know how a good web design helps them to keep their  leads on your page
  • Winners website will be featured  “” with a link to their website.
  • Winners will have the benefit of receiving Awards and Certificates.
  • Winners can display the winner logo in their respective websites.
  • Applicants are eligible for a free security scan with the consent of  the client and will advise to fix errors and avoid possibilities of getting hacked.
  • We are supported by Industry Professional on Voluntary basis to carry out our Judging process.
  • All websites comply with application process are sent for free Security Scanning and will short list for the completion.
  • An expert Panel of Judges will be appointed with the responsibility of judging each submission. This panel will comprise of web experts and who will spot talent in a non-biased manner. The entries will be judged on creativity, quality of graphic design, artistry, technological expertise and the quality of the content, made available to the user.
Competition consists of 12 number of categories as given below: 

1.            Best Advertising & Marketing Website

(Web sites that advertise products and services either for third parties or its own products without e-commerce features. Sales, classified advertising and deal coupons information. Web designing and digital marketing companies included.) 

2.            Best SME Website

(Commercial organisations (Ltd cos, partnerships or sole proprietorships) with annual turnover less than Rs. 100M)

3.            Best Corporate Website
Large organizations/companies/ corporations with annual turnover of at least Rs.100M.
4.            Best University and Education Institute Website
Organizations providing Higher Education, Universities, Schools, Institutes, Affiliated Universities, Student recruitment, etc., (private and government)
5.            Best e-Commerce Website
Web sites providing e-commerce facilities to make online transactions/ payments.(These websites should enable SSL certificates)
6.            Best Banking and Finance Website
Banks and Financial Institutes (government or private)
7.            Best Government Website
Corporations, ministries, authorities and other bodies which come under parliamentary supervision. (Budgets and final accounts are reported to the parliament).
8.            Best Media, Sports & Entertainment Website
Websites of TV, Radio, newspapers, news sites, sports, games, reality shows, events, parties, music, video, etc.
9.            Best Nonprofit Website
Organizations that provide information or services to the general public without a commercial objective.
10.         Best Travel & Tourism Website
Websites providing services for tourists and local travelers, Hotels, tour companies, booking services, travel agents, etc.

11.         Best Health & Wellness Website
Hospitals (Human & Animals), wellness and fitness products and services, spas, medical equipment, pharmacies etc.
should have any needed licences.
12.         Best Personal Website
Websites focused on an individual such as politicians artistes, authors, professionals, etc.

Special category winners are  selecting from the winner 
Best Sinhala Website
Best Tamil Website
Best Mobile-optimized Website
Overal Winners – Developers
Most popular website – by vote

Competition Rules :
Eligibility Criteria

The Competition is open to all websites registered domain.

The website owner / developer can submit the registration form. If the developer submits it, the owner’s consent is mandatory.

The websites that contains any of the following will not be eligible to enter the competition:

Websites with Illegal, Obscene, Abusive or Preposterous content

Websites that are in the opinion of judges deemed to be of poor quality, in bad taste or have defamatory content

Websites that have been deemed unsuitable for the competition by the judging panel for any other reason.

Sinhala and Tamil websites will be eligible only if its content is available in Unicode standards.

In the event if any of the competitors were found influencing the judges or involved in promoting negative information regarding competitors, they will immediately be disqualified from the competition.

The registrants must submit a small write-up about the website that includes purpose of the site, special features of the website, target audience etc.

Optional – Marks will be given for the use of social media and also for broad web presence (being featured in others’ websites, e.g.: hotel booking) – One social media site and one website on which the registrant website is featured in should be provided.

.com or re-directing sites are not eligible for the competition

Logo to be displayed on the website with the links sent, if not your application for 2019 will not be processed for the competition.

Nominating/Registering a website
 Anyone can nominate/register websites by providing Name, Email, Contact Number and Website. Entries must be submitted online using the online entry form, which is available at

A website is considered entered into the competition, after a completed entry form is received by the LK Domain Registry.

Nominated websites will be subjected to a review by a Panel of Judges and the website owners will be notified regarding the nominations. They should agree to the terms and conditions of the competition, if their website is to be considered for the evaluation stage. 

They should also mention under which Awarding Category their website should be considered. Before the commencement of the voting phase, website owners should display the BestWeb logo prominently in their website with a link to the website.

Selection after registration
1he entries will be judged by a Panel of Judges. In the event that a website is not accessible during the evaluation period, the website will not be selected for the voting phase.

The judges reserve the right to request for additional information or reject a nominated website without explanation.

Choosing a winning website will be solely at the discretion of the Judges and is not negotiable by nominators.

Website owners should be reachable on the contact details provided by them and should agree to the terms and conditions of the competition in order to be selected for the voting stage.

Nominated website can be scheduled for an external website scan at anytime in the “Review of application period” mentioned in the “Time Frame” (Until Releasing the Results) to assess the eligibility for the competition on the website’s security perspective. 

Further on the basis of scanned reports, weak security websites will be informed to re-design/re-structure their websites immediately to be in the competition else will be disqualified.

Voting for a website: 
Voting and traffic monitoring will be on for a period of one (01) week.
Each person shall only vote once per each category per week.

Anyone can vote for a website using the online entry form in the A valid email address should be provided for any communications during the competition
Any fraudulent or multiple votes will be discarded and any sites for which fraudulent votes are sent may be disqualified.

In the event of any conflicts during the competition, the decision of the judges will be considered as final. 2019

Monday, January 20, 2020

Sarvodaya – “Suhuru Sara” awaness programs

Sarvodaya – “Suhuru Sara” awaness programs  Statistical information regarding  programs conducted as of 31 /12/ 2019

No of Students


“Suhuru Sara” awareness programme on Effective use of Internet in education and career development conducted by LK Domain Registry in collaboration with Ministry of Education and Sarvodaya-Fusion

Updates - January 2020

Batu hena Central College Ratnapura -Student count- 239

Date – 14th Jan 2020

Kuruwita Central College- Kuruwita -Student count- 334
Date – 14th Jan 2020

Dr. N M Perera Central College - Yatiyanthota - Student count- 257
Date – 13th Jan 2020

Dehiowita National College- Dehiowita -Student count- 183
Date – 13th Jan 2020

Batu Hena Central College Ratnapura -Student count- 239
Date – 14th Jan 2020

Buddhist College-Thalduwa -Student count- 193
Date – 13th Jan 2020

Nenasala Partnership - Training Programs 2019

We partnered with Nenasala Forum to train students in Web Design and as a pilot we trained personnel from Balangoda, Gampaha and Teldeniya.

We are currently conducting the web design competition with Nanasala and statics are given below: 

No of Students

System Procedure - 2020

System Procedure to apply  - 2020 Competition  1.  2.  3...