Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Online IT programs - November 2020

LK Domain Registry provides  free IT Training  island-wide for School, Students and also for IT Teacher. It is timely appropriate to move to online training due to Covid -19 pandemic, in order to continue an overall development of IT in Country.

following Training Programs have been concluded through online and LK Domain Registry  continues to provide IT  Training programs through online via Zoom.

A scratch programming screen shared while teaching.

For more details follow the YouTube Channel: 

Training Programs concluded in the recent past -(November 2020) are as follows:
Scratch Programming Workshop – Day 1 (group 1,2,3): 146 teachers have been participated  
Scratch Programming Workshop – Day 2 (group 1): 55 teachers attended
Scratch Programming Workshop – Day 3 (group 1): 39 teachers attended
Python Programming Workshop – Day 1 (group 1,2): 83 teachers attended
Python Programming Workshop – Day 2 (group 1,2): 114 teachers have been  attended

LK Domain Registry Continue to support IT programs on free of Charge basis to School and Teacher. 

You may contact :  training@nic.lk for further details on IT Training.