Monday, February 18, 2019

“IT Yahamaga” January 2019

“IT Yahamaga” is an interactive program creating awareness among school children and youth, on the advantages, safety and positive uses of the internet. These programs are conducted Island-wide through Sarvodaya Fusion under the approval of Ministry of Education, with the sponsorship of LK Domain Registry.

Through this platform, the students are educated of the incidents where cyber space has been used as a mode for criminal activities, which may result a great deal of social issues, sometimes ending up with hatred, divorce cases, teenage suicides, etc. 

Most of these wrongdoings happen with the use of social media. Therefore, we aim at making students aware of capturing only the best practices of social networking sites, providing them a wide range of successful stories, where technology has been used to bring about positive change in the society as well as personal growth.

In addition to that, the students, IT teachers and principals are trained on the useful links to develop the IT skills. In January 2019, programs for a total of 2374 children covering 500 in Puttlam District, 406 in Hambantota, 973 in Ratnapura and 495 in Kurunegala have been conducted successfully. Moreover, LK Domain Registry wishes to provide sponsorship for 10,000 students, 1000 teachers and 125 principals in 2018 / 2019.