Wednesday, February 10, 2021

System Restoration - Notice!

Domain Registration System ISSUE on 6-02-2021


Domain Registration System Issue on 6th February

Subsequent to the attack on our registration system on the morning of Saturday 6th, we have taken necessary steps to strengthen the security of our systems, and are diligently bringing them back on-line. We have not found any evidence of additional domains, other than those initially modified on Saturday morning, to have been affected by this issue. We have also not found any evidence of changes to any .LK websites, or any information being stolen from any .LK websites.

We plan to enable on-line registration shortly. However, in the meantime, please send any urgent requests to . If you need any information or assistance, please call us on 0114-216-061 or contact us on the above e-mail.

We are continuing our investigations, and will issue further updates as needed. We thank you for your patience and support during this incident, and assure you of our continued commitment to provide reliable domain registry services.

Domain Registrar

 Please send any urgent requests by email to

And call our hotline  : 0114-216-0611