Tuesday, March 8, 2022

A Webinar on BestWeb.lk 2022

LK Domain Registry will organize a free webinar for bestweb.lk 2022 applicants during March 2022.

Date, Time, and other information will be published on BestWeb.lk Official Facebook Page and also on other Social Medial Platt forms.

TOPICS intend to discuss at the Webinar are as follows:

  • Introduction to bestweb.lk competition.
  • How to create a winning website.
  • How to Navigate through Bestweb.lk website and find information related to the competition. 
  • How to improve the Security of your website.
  • How to attract customers through your websites & market your goods.
  • How to adhere to bestweb.lk rules and regulations while in competition

Application open on 20th April 2022.

Visit www.bestweb.lk

Organized by:  

106, Bernard's Business Park, Dutugemunu Street, Dehiwela.

+94 (011) 446 2865 | bestweb@domains.lk